Precompiled binaries of latest stable version of the plugin are available on the releases page.

  • Download visual studio (if you haven't already)
  • Open src/SampSharp.sln
  • In the toolbar select Debug or Release
  • In the Solution Explorer, right click on SampSharp > build.
  • If you build in Debug mode, the library will be stored in env/plugins . If you build in Release mode, the library will be stored in bin.


The following guide is written specifically for Ubuntu, you might need to use some different commands for other linux distributions

  • Install premake4, g++ and mono: sudo apt-get install premake4 g++ make mono-complete
  • Change to the directory src/SampSharp
  • Build the makefiles: premake4 gmake
  • Build the plugin: make (builds in debug mode) -or- make config=release32 (builds in release mode).
  • If you build in debug mode, the library will be stored in environment/plugins. If you build in release mode, the library wil be stored in bin.