Connect to the repository

SampSharp hosts it own NuGet package repository which contains the framework and various other SampSharp related packages.

To add this repository to your Visual Studio's Package Manager, follow these instructions:

  1. In Visual Studio's toolbar click on Tools > Options...
  2. In the left menu, select NuGet Package Manager > Package Sources
  3. Click on the big +(plus) icon in the upper right corner of the window.
  4. In the Name field type, for example, SampSharp.
  5. In the Source field, type
  6. Click on OK.

Package Sources options pane


If you have made a useful extension or library for SampSharp, please contact ikkentim via Gitter or the forums! We're happy to create an account for you on the NuGet repository so you can upload and maintain your own packages.